This sales training is the very best Ive ever been to, better than Vito, better than Spin Selling, better than Miller Heiman,  better than Sandler, better than Impact Sales Training.   I have been humbled.

 -S. Annala 

"I had my best quarter ever in Q1 and have already surpassed my revenue goal for the year.  It is quite possible that I could have a Million dollar May (I certainly like the sound of that)."

-K. Chapman

"From zero to $2 million in new bookings in a new territory and in only 90 days.  More important went from last to first in margin generation for all the locations. Thanks for all your help; you were part of the puzzle to make this possible!"

-E. Chann

"I went to the Espire training last week, what a waste of time...your training is unbelievable. If all Cisco sales partners went through this, Cisco would grow exponentially!"

D. Urzendowski