Ingenuity Thought Leadership

Building Effective Sales Performance...the identification of problems and strategies in building successful sales performance of the overall team.

CFO's turning from cost cutting the growth initiatives...
CEO's are now looking for partners that can help them grow the company. This paper will identify why and what you can do to help.
Applying six sigma to sales...If you can make your sales process visible, you will be able to identify the chasms of where your sales are failing out of the process. Once identified, you can craft solutions to plug those holes. Six sigma delivers!
The new sales thinking...Not every one will be a superstar in sales no matter what the training.

Sales force optimization...
There are three areas in which you can optimize to increase the effectiveness of your sales effort. We identify those and tell what you should consider.
Strategic channel management...Show me a company that uses a sales channel and I'll show you channel conflict. This paper brings it all into focus and what you can do to maximize your sales channel to the fullest.

Strategic sales business design...Today we need to think much more deeply regarding our sales effort and how that sales effort should not just align with our business design but how the sales effort is going to intersect and integrate with our business design. Alignment is not enough.

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