When was the last time you received an account update with glaring holes...
The obvious starting point for a sales account strategy is a set of objectives that specify exactly what you want to achieve in an account. (you'd be surprise of the sales people that don't even get that far!) However, it's never quite that simple in practice. For one thing, there's more than one kind of account objective. Objectives exist at different levels.
Too often we have seen managers who feel that account strategy must as the name suggests, be about strategic objectives. They themselves as big-picture people, who focus only on overall strategic issues and leave all the day to day tactical issues to their sales people.
Example: A target of $250,000 may be impossibly high or it may represent only a small percentage of the account's potential. The only way you can know what's practically achievable is to have a detailed picture of the selling actions that would be required to meet your overall objective. Without this detail, objective setting is an exercise in wishful thinking.


Ingenuity will develop and teach the sales team, including the manager a more effective way for account planning. This would include and require two things. The first being the development of clear account objectives, the second, being a precise action framework. We will help in the development of account objectives, and the understanding of what actions are realistically achievable. The objectives tell you what's realistic in terms of overall goals, and the goals lead to which actions you may want to modify.