"Everything is GREAT! I had my best quarter ever in Q1 and have already surpassed my revenue goal for the year.  It is quite possible that I could have a Million dollar May (I certainly like the sound of that)" K. Chapman,  Fishnet Security: Cisco Sales Partner
“This is better than Sandler Sales Training, Better than Vito Sales Training, better than Heiman Miller Sales Training, better than Spin Sales Training, better than Impact Sales Training. This is the very best, I have been humbled.” Sandra Annala, Hickory Tech
Took the class last week, this week closed two contracts worth $250,000! Contracts that we didn’t think we had any chance of getting the business!” Pathguide attributes our success to the strategies we were taught!”  T.  Sweeny, Pathguide
Things are well on this end. We had our best margin month in Cerium’s history in June and July is shaping up to be even better! We are reinforcing the training in our team and one-on-one discussions, and the AEs are presenting sections of the sales supplement to their peers in the weekly sales calls. Thanks for your help." Steve Fisher, VP Sales, Cerium Networks
Regarding the sales opportunity…I will close that this month, $101K plus additional purchases down the road! Using your techniques I swayed the customer back to our camp!…I had been told “NO” on three occasions. A big win for us and a big win for you as well. Thanks.” C. Hawkins, International Sales Manager, Multigen-Paradigm

Quantifiable Results...
PKWARE after 18 months of flat sales, posts 12 record sales months, grows sales 100%. (according to the EVP of world wide sales, “started the day Ingenuity showed up”)

A 300 person IT Consulting Firm identifies $36 million in additional sales opportunities that they didn’t know existed

MSN Communication, Cisco sales partner, identifies and closes an additional $1.4 million in sales in only 3 months. Having record sales and profit year. Owner nominated for Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur Of The Year” for Rocky Mountain Region.

Fishnet Security post record sales and profits for year. Out pace industry average by 20%. Make the cover of CRN for fast growth after going through the Ingenuity program

Engineering software firm grows 28%, busting Wall Streets prediction of 4% to 14%. Become the fastest growing firm in their industry

Coleman Technology worst territory books an additional $2 million in sales. Climbs from last to first in margin generation in only 65 days.


Cerium Networks increases sales 70% and post record margin generation


Pacific Blue Micro increases sales by 77% over same time period last year