Are you scrambling to eke out margins...
Customers today are no longer satisfied with simply buying a product or service. Increasingly, they have higher-order needs that involve improving their overall economics in the use of your product or service. As customers needs grow more complex and demanding, sales programs cannot rely on incremental improvements to product quality, delivery time, and other basic competencies.
Successful profitable selling efforts are the results of smart moves on a number of fronts, which include tailoring the message, product mix, and price to the highest value customer segments, delivering that message with an effective sales process, developing the right tools for properly trained staff, and aligning incentives to drive value rather than volume.
When a customer buys on price alone, the problem may be that your sales force is not adding any perceived economic value to the customer. Thus the customer sees you as another peddler. If you don't add significant economic value, bring new ideas to help their business be more profitable, the only criteria the potential customer has to make the price.


The goal is to have a grasp on some of the influencing factors in your customer’s financial world in order to bring new ideas to the table in a way that upper management can understand. These kinds of new questions, fundamental business/sales thinking, drive new and original ways of thinking about business/sales problems that in the past were too often ignored. 

Sales people and managers need to understand what your solution means to your prospects bottom line. What does faster reporting mean, what does an increase of productivity mean, or better architecture? What is the financial impact of these initiatives?  

Ingenuity will give you the proven strategies that will prove your economic value to your customers business operations. Strategic business opportunities sold through quantifying the financial impact remain sold, and most often the financial impact far outweighs  your asking price for product or services. This means that competitive discounts quickly become irrelevant information.

Sales people will be able to utilize these financial benefits to develop compelling reasons for buying, even when faced with reduced budgets, competitive discounts and look-a-like alternatives.