Sales training is not enough...

Consider this, plenty of time and money is spent on sales training, and in my experience, many training sessions are sporadically or unenthusiastically attended, for good reason. The exercises tend to focus on administrative activities and goal setting rather than on answering the need to drive quick results and long-term value for the client. Training needs to add real value, and thatís most often achieved by focusing on specific and tangible challenges.

Keep in mind that training is lost within the first 48 hours. Almost 70% of all that is taught is lost or forgotten. A study provided by Xerox, stated that in one month, 87% of training is lost or forgotten. The good news is, if there is a follow up program that reinforces the new knowledge to make sure that the behavior change is taking place and new tools are being used, the performance of sales people in revenue generation greatly increases.

What kind of training works?

So, then you ask, what kind of training should salespeople receive? They should receive training in executing a sales call system or methodology from a-z without missing a step. A sales process that covers everything from the opening to closing. This will allow your sales team to have their best call on every call.

They need to be business people, able to converse with anyone in the prospects organization regarding hot topics regarding profitability, market share, organizational optimization and competitiveness. Part of your job is to bring value to your customer, and you do that by bringing new ideas on how to be more productive, effective, efficient, and profitable. If you canít bring new ideas to the table, they donít need you. They have all the peddlers they can handle.


Most Important...

Have a well thought out and solid follow up program that will reinforce the behaviors taught in the class room environment. A program that includes pre call planning, on site coaching, in the field coaching, post sales reviews, continued role playing, and case study work.

Treat your training as continuing education and you'll be successful and experience the sales and profit gains you are looking for.

The coaching method provided by Ingenuity places the emphasis on the expectations that the organization has for the executive or sales team member. Ingenuity will diagnose the organizational and cultural environment, clarify role and performance expectations and develop a clear picture for new and seasoned sales personnel about what success looks like in their new role.