Is your sales team merely opportunistic instead of strategic...

 Many sale forces claim to be strategic in nature, but upon closer observation, they are transactional, going after any sale to make a sale, spending valuable time responding to RFP's and emailing pricing to prospects as fast as they can. They are driven to go for the immediate cash-flow activities, not usually for the highest and best long-term strategic wealth building sales. Those short term opportunities can cost you millions, if they divert you from pursuing your vision and executing a strategic consultative sales model.

Most sales teams almost always react in a tactical, reactive or impulsive manner. This pervasive operational attitude is literally costing you millions in revenues, profits, cash flow and unidentified and lost opportunities every single year.

You may agree that your sales force acts as opportunistic as well, but unfortunately, you don't have a specific, detailed step by step sales roadmap to follow for your business, with clear references example so that you can masterfully transform your sales effort from transactional to a true consultative sales model.

The market place is demanding a more consultative approach more than ever, the problem is that most sale managers don't know what a consultative sales approach looks or feels like in today demanding and hypercompetitive market place.

Ingenuity will deliver to your sales team a strategic roadmap, to optimize your sales team in a true consultative approach that will add value to your current customers and prospects alike. We will give the strategies on how to see virtually all the hidden opportunities, overlooked assets, and under performing activities that exist in your customers businesses.

But better yet, which activities are the most strategic to concentrate on and which ones to eliminate because they are purely tactical and divert you and your resources from achieving your major strategic game plan. Remember, if your sales team can't bring new ideas on how to make your prospects more competitive, they don't need you. Your prospects have all the peddlers they can handle.