Sales Management Training...
A common mistake in an effort to improve sales performance is to focus exclusively on the salespeople. Studies show that sales supervisors are even more critical for creating durable performance change. For instance, if you are asking  your sales team to be strategic, enterprise, a true consultative sales role, but you manage their success on day to day tactical activities, you'll never get there.
By doing so, you cause more friction within the team. And just as friction steals energy from a mechanical system, internal friction steals the energy and knowledge from a business system. Most managers, unknowingly have engineered a enormous amount of friction into their sales process and sales management process. This friction destroys value for everyone involved, including the customer.
Studies of high performance consultative sales teams consistently show that systematic high quality coaching is the most important single tool for developing performance. The problem is that most sales managers don't know what consultative selling skills look like. As a result they coach their people to use irrelevant or even counterproductive skills and strategies. These misguided strategies neither add value to customers nor lead to improved results



Ingenuity will teach the sales manager how to build momentum in team members, how to look for, identify and craft solutions for new opportunities. How to coach and manage the sales team strategically as apposed to tactically and how to coach for short term results and long term dominance. The Ingenuity method will deliver to the sales manager information that will enhance your competitive posture with real information that can actually be used to optimize the sales process and the sales team effort.

Managers will learn that microeconomics based models of strategy is inadequate in growing the business and increasing the competitiveness of the organization. Your students will walk away with field based management, coaching tools, and account growth tools that will assure that the training and sales strategies are strategic in nature and will take effect every day, every week, every month throughout the year.