How to lead a world class sales organization...

Traditional sales forces fixes tend to fizzle because the selling environment is continually changing, both on the sales side and the customer side. A fluid situation requires more holistic change across the whole sales effort-not just in how the sales force approaches various customer segments, but also in how the organization is structured, managed and what skills need to be developed, as well as, how performance is rewarded.
In today's environment, where customers are more demanding and competition is fierce, managers cannot afford to ignore these issues.
Typically, however, sales productivity problems are misdiagnosed or mistreated. For example, some companies often find that after implementing a new quota and bonus system, sales reps work harder without showing progress, as they are still selling the same product mix to the same customers. When the new bonus systems don't work, companies sometimes hire expensive rainmakers. Sales spike for a brief period, but profits do not and productivity continues to slide.
Ingenuity understands the current sales environment better than anyone else. Because of our insight and thought leadership, we will build strategies that will allow your sales effort to deliver more than product and services. Increasingly, customers have higher-order needs that involve improving their overall economics in the use of a particular products or service. They want to improve operating efficiency, or reduce their risks, or help their own customers grow revenues. There are big sales opportunities to grow by helping customers improve their cost, reduce complexity, make better decisions, and speed their offering to market.

Ingenuity will show you strategies to take your effort from viewing your business through a product lens to studying customers through an economic lens. We will develop solutions that will build growth and sales initiatives that reinforce and strengthen your base, and to create sales based on hidden assets such as relationships, market position, information, financial impact and measurable business value.