Customers have become more sophisticated...

In an age when customers not only demand more value then ever before, and are also increasingly clear about the kind of value they are looking for, value alignment with the customer is essential.
There have been dramatic changes in their value expectations. Why? Because we live the age of the active customer, and there's no turning back. Customers in business-to-business markets have become very sophisticated and demanding. They weigh their choices carefully and in many categories swap vendors instantly if they find a better deal. And new deals and choices arrive every day. The number of products in the marketplace has long been rising faster than the number of customers and this trend shows no sign of reversing.

The number of competitors has fast been rising as well, offering the customer a proliferation of choices. Today's active customers are eager for options, convenience, and services while maintaining a higher degree of control.

Understanding these changes is the first step to rethinking what it takes to build an effective value creating and consultative sales force.

By carefully studying and understanding the needs of today's active customer, Ingenuity sales methodology delivers a step by step sales process that...

 ...reflects the active customers acquisition process. The customer of today wants someone who is strategic
    and can bring new value to the table.

...a process that creates value. A good process earns its keep by adding value to the customer.

...a process that increases efficiency. Our process makes your sales cycle shorter and makes your team
   more effective.

...allows for mortals to succeed. The test of a good process is not increases of the top sales people alone,
   but the increases of average sales people.

...a process that is scalable. Provides a track to run on that is replicable and scaleable, allows for consistent
   higher levels of performance.