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Here's the bottom line...Senior managers have a limited number of "levers" they can pull to drive profitable growth, especially if growth is needed relatively quickly. One of the most accessible and potent "levers" is optimizing the sales effort.

Typically, however, sales productivity problems are misdiagnosed or mistreated. Many times companies often find that after implementing a new quota and bonus system, sales reps work harder without showing progress, as they are still selling the same product mix to the same customers. Thus profits and productivity continues to slide.

No well-managed company would consciously let millions of dollars lie idle. But that is what many companies do when they don't actively maximize the productivity of their income generation potential. Simply said, it is the complete optimization of your sales effort, pure and simple.

The quickest way to optimize the sales effort is through training. By giving the sales force the time and tools that will raise sales productivity, you put yourself in a position of being able to continue growth without increasing headcount or budget, and...taking advantage of every selling opportunity.