Ingenuity Experience and Clients

Ingenuity sales consultants have experience in consulting some of the largest and most successful organizations and sales people in the world providing the knowledge, coaching, direction and strategies that has provided measurable and repeatable results. They include...
IBM, GE, Dassault Systems, Mobius Systems, Cisco, Ansys, Altair, Cerium Networks,, SGI, Multigen/Paradigm, Control Data Systems, Microsolid Solutions, Cerium Networks, Fishnet Security, FusionStorm, MSN Communications, PADT, PKWARE, PBM IT Solutions, Clifton Gunderson, AOS, Coleman Technologies and many others.



Quantifiable results...

PKWARE after 18 months of flat sales, posts 12 record sales months, grows sales 100%. (according to the EVP of World Wide Sales, “started the day Ingenuity showed up”)

A 300 person IT Consulting Firm identifies $36 million in additional sales opportunities that they didn’t know existed

MSN Communication, Cisco sales partner, identifies and closes an additional $1.4 million in sales in only 3 months. Having record sales and profit year. Owner nominated for Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur Of The Year” for Rocky Mountain Region.

Fishnet Security having record sales and profit year after going through the Ingenuity program

Engineering software firm grows 28%, busting Wall Streets prediction of 4% to 14%. Become the fastest growing firm in their industry

Coleman Technologies worst territory books an additional $2 million in sales and goes from last to first in margin generation, in only 65 days.


Cerium Networks grows 70% in one year and adds almost that much to their bottom line.